ФГБОУ ДПО “Татарский институт переподготовки кадров агробизнеса”
Официальный сайт с элементами дистанционного обучения по программам переподготовки и повышения квалификации ФГБОУ ДПО “ТИПКА”Подробнее

Our Mission
We are a future focused design company building the world’s most desirable brands, Challengers & Icons. The brands that ignite passions now and those that will be loved more

We are an international branding studio with offices in Lima and Madrid. 20 years experience in New York, Tokyo, Madrid and Lima working with clients from various industries give us a global vision.The
passion for our work and our international customers have made us natural coolhunters. We have the vision, intuition and sensitivity to collect demographic information for new markets and consumer trends.To
differenciate, observe and analyze these trends makes us understand what are the new benchmarks of creating successful strategies.

We are an award
winning branding and
design agency

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Customized Functionality
The combination of our in-depth industry trends knowledge, our years of experience and our genuine passion for the home interest sector makes us experts in building significant brand awareness and running successful
tailored campaigns.

Take your time
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You Can Do Better
The key is to reframe your international target markets and come up with creative, durable solutions that will take your brand to the next level.
Our drive is that we believe you can do better. Smarter communication, more valuable brands and stronger results.

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